Guru Gajendra Panda

Guru Gajendra Kumar Panda has developed to be a foremost custodian of the Late Guru Debaprasad Das parampara of Odissi.

Guru Gajendra Kumar Panda, born in Lokanathpur, Chatarpur (Orissa), has developed to be a foremost custodian of the Late Guru Debaprasad Das parampara of Odissi. He represents one of the most dynamic young Odissi Gurus in Odissi who is making significant contribution to the new Odissi repertoire. Immersed during his childhood in the culturally rich folk tradition of the Ganjam district, he was later fired by the passion for Debaprasad art. Gajendra was ablaze by the passion for Debaprasad art. It was Gaji whom Debaprasad relied upon to remember his dance compositions so that by the time of his death, Gajendra had absorbed almost Debaprasad’s entire existing repertoire.

Gajendra has been visualizing and choreographing new works ever since his Guru’s demise. Gajendra intense Guru Disciple relationship with Debaprasad had inspired Datuk Ramli Ibrahim to conceive the script for “Adoration” which culminated in performances in Singapore, New Delhi, Bhubaneswar and Chennai. “Night of Purnima” was Gajendra’s next choreography. Gajendra participated in several festivals in New York and Chicago organized by the late Indrani Rehman in the year 1996. Highly qualified teacher cum performer from the I.C.C.R. for abroad, he has performed at various festivals in India and abroad and has also conducted many lecture demonstrations. He also has many accolades to his name with add on to the numerous feathers present in his cap.

He has performed at the Konark festival, Khajuraho festival, Chidambaram festival, Mukteshwar festival, Chakradhar samaroh, Uttarardh Mahotsav, 64 Yogini Mahotasav, International Odissi Dance festival etc. He has also performed in various countries, such as Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and many more. He is the director of the organization Tridhara, which continues the legacy of the Late Guru Debaprasad Das and promotes a synthetic gharana of Odissi dance.

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